Triple Pudding

25 05 2008
This is called ‘Triple Pudding’ coz it has 3 flavors.
I made this pudding 1st time for my little brother on his birthday ^^ (see Birthday Boy Pudding). At that time, his friends came to our house to give him a birthday surprise, and they also tried my pudding.
So happy, they enjoyed and one slice isn’t enough!! ^^
After that, two my little bro’s friends ordered the same pudding, and here’s the photos:
This 1st Triple Pudding is orderd by Vina for her brother’s birthday.
I heard from my lil bro that the pudding vla wasn’t enough. Luckily, I have more at home. ^^
Vina said that she doesn’t like dragon fruit, so I replaced it with watermelon. Hope she likes it ^^.
This is the 2nd pudding ordered by Ivonne, I didn’t know it is for her grandma’s birthday.
If I knew it, I could put some ‘shou’ (longevity) decoration.





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