About Olipe Pudding

Here at OLIPE Pudding, we have a wide range of selections for all occasions to suit every precious and memorable celebration – whether it is for Birthday, Chinese New Year, Valentine, Idul Fitri, Christmas, Baby 1st MonthEngagement, or custom party puddings.
Each and every pudding that we make is handmade. This ensures that we get the very best flavors from our quality ingredients…. Just contact us at 081-732-0035 and 031-70919837^^



13 responses

11 09 2008

cantikk-cantikkk pudingnyaaaa!!
salam kenal ya mba 🙂

11 09 2008

Salam kenal juga, Mbak Ratu ^^

12 09 2008

puasa2 gini jadi ngiler nih, jauh lagi 😦

18 11 2008

Dear Sir/ Madam,

May I know the Olipe Pudding address?
The preparation is very interesting.

19 11 2008

Olipe Pudding is homemade pudding.
We are located in the centre of Surabaya ^^.

19 02 2009

mau nanya donk…pudingnya apa ga berair ya kalo sampai di tempat kita?

19 02 2009

michelle : bole tau lokasinya di mana? thx

20 02 2009

Lokasi nya di daerah tunjungan

21 02 2009

michelle puddingnya ngga berair koq 🙂

29 10 2009
alfa khasanah

mb blh minta resepnya? krn aq jauh di ujung negara,setelah lihat2 aneka pudingnya jd ngiler.

26 03 2010

Very recommended =) enak buanggettt n hrgnya jg cocok dgn kualitasnya. semoga sukses selalu ya buat Olipe Pudding =)

26 11 2010

apakah buka kursus membuat pudding?

18 11 2012
olha nurima

Keren” abizzz model” pudingnya

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