16 02 2009

This ŢĨŖĄMĮŠŨ Pudding is ordered by one of my BGF, Nina ^^. Thanks for placing order, girl J



BírthÐåÿ OPERA Pudding :)

9 02 2009




I got this pudding order last week from Ling-Ling.

She asked me to deliver it to Ms.Theresia’s house for her birthday today J


HãþþŸ ßïrthÐâÿ, Ms. Theresia!!!

Hope all your birthday wishes come true!! J


Early VáLëñTíńe ♥ OPERA ♥ Pudding Order ^^

8 02 2009

VáLëñTíńe Da is coming !!!!!

It’s Time to celebrate with our beloved ones !!.


It’s early Valentine “Opera Pudding” gift, ordered by Cath for her boyfriend, because he will go back to Melbourne tomorrow. Unfortunately, they can’t celebrate VáLëñTíńe Da together.

Hope this OPERA Pudding can represent Cath’s lve to him.



Tiramisu Birthday Pudding

5 02 2009


OPERA Pudding for elders’ birthday

2 02 2009



Pudding order for elders’ birthday are coming.

For this time i put  Shou  , **  which means longevity.

The elders will also be happy if they find 壽比南山 (shou bi nan shan) word, which can be translated “we wish you long long life” :).

Unexpectedly, I get the same pudding order one week later^^.  Yiippieee… it’s so excited to know people love my creation ^^

Zhu ni men shou bi nan shan !!

**Shou – is the last, but not least of the three star Gods of Fu, Lu, Shou. This benevolent God represent longevity – a fruitful and worthy life, fantastic health as well as quality and long-life. Shou is seen with s scroll bearing the words Fu Ru Tong Hai, Shou Bi Nan Shan. This is translated to the auspicious Chinese proverb ‘May you live as long as the Southern Mountain, and may you be as blessed as the Eastern Sea’

Happy Chinese New Year !!

25 01 2009

Finally…  my busy weekend of Imlek Pudding order is over…. :)..

Here’s some photos of Imlek Pudding  :



Big Thanks to ALL who placed OLIPE Pudding orders; It’s going to be yummy !! ;P

 Have a Happy Chinese New Year !!

Wishing You an “Ox” Year of  Abundance of Good Luck, Good Fortune and Happiness !!

Cheers, everyone !! ^^


17 01 2009

OPERA Pudding

Ø 24 cm


Nikmati lezatnya puding dengan kombinasi chocolate, coffee mocha, vanilla, mocha dan rich chocolate dengan potongan chocolate cake di dalamnya. Dekorasi yang cantik dengan unique chocolates, fresh strawberry, kiwi dan dragon fruit. It becomes our best sellers !!


Harga: Rp. 175.000,-



Ø 24 cm


Puding cantik dengan tambahan fruit cocktail didalam empat lapisan strawberry, vanilla, pandan dan chocolate  puding. Didekorasi dengan fresh strawberry,  kiwi, peach dan dragon fruit. You will love It !!

Harga: Rp. 175.000,-



Ø 24 cm


Kombinasi yang sempurna  chocolate, vanilla dengan dark cherries, chocolate dan rich chocolate dengan potongan chocolate cake di dalamnya. Didekorasi dengan  red cherries, strawberry kiwi, dragon fruit grapes dan chocolate balls, puding lezat ini menjadi everyone’s favourite !!

Harga: Rp. 175.000,-




Ø 28 cm


Spesial puding dengan vanilla sponge di dalam kombinasi sempurna vanilla, tiramisu dan coffee layers puding, yang didekorasi penuh dengan fresh strawberry, kiwi dan chocolate. Hmmm…so yummy !! ^^

Harga: Rp. 200.000,-




Ini adalah Pudding kreasi baru kami, dengan bentuknya yg unik, sangat cocok untuk dinikmati bersama orang-orang terdekat kita di hari yang istimewal ^^. Pudding almond dengan tambahan cocktail dan didekorasi dengan fresh strawberry,  sangat nikmat disajikan dalam keadaan dingin. That’s make everyone wanna try it!!! 

Harga: Rp. 175.000,-


* Setiap pudding dilengkapi dengan 1 (satu) botol vla pudding *

* Gratis ongkos kirim selama bulan Januari 2009 *